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We used a relatively inexpensive cardboard A4 ring binder to store our origami models, divided into three sections:

First, we hole punched various pieces of coloured credit card for the front of the binder, onto which we stuck our models. Some pages we chock-full model by model, as we finished them, dating them and adding one or two comments along the way. Other pages we "themed" - by using a darkish blue piece of cards as a background for our various fish models, and adding some decals to make it look more interesting. We connected our models to the card with a glue stick.
Second, we added a Tuto Avion En Papier Qui Vole Loin number of plastic material sleeves into which we slipped the origami instructions we had printed out, ready to try.
Third, we used sticky-tape to attach a huge envelope to the inside back of the ring binder, in which we store our origami paper safely.

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